WEB ruler for iphoneX・XS

Is a ruler to see in the browser of iphoneX・XS
※Does not appear correctly in the browser of the PC · Android.
Measure your length of up to about 4inch at the right of the ruler.

iphoneX・XS surprising smartphones If you are using , please choose from your own models below .

WEB ruler for iphone8

WEB ruler for iphone7

WEB ruler for iphone6・6S

WEB ruler for iphone5・5S


When you don't have a ruler, you can measure length with your smartphone.
There is no need to install an app.
Just launch the browser on your smartphone and you can use the ruler of actual size to measure the length.

Printing Ruler

There is also a service to download a printable ruler that can print and measure up to 1 meter, a printable triangular ruler that can measure up to 10 cm, and a circular ruler that can measure from 5 mm to 60 mm in diameter.

Go to Ruler for printing

Go to Triangle Ruler for Printing

Go to Printable Circle Ruler Page

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